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A Great Combination of Suspense and Romance!! Enter the Author's Giveaway!!

"Finding Hope in Savannah"
     By Melissa Wardwell    

About the Book:

Book: Finding Hope in Savannah
Author: Melissa Wardwell
Genre: Christian Suspense/Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2016
Elizabeth “Liz” Thompson liked her quiet, predictable life with her son.When she witnesses something horrifying and dangerous, they are forced into hiding. She seeks refuge in the small community of Isle of Hope, Georgia only to find that her life and her heart are still hanging in the balance.
Officer Jake Andrews, dedicated his life to protect and serve the people of Savannah. In the back of his mind always wondering “what if?”. The arrival of a young woman from his past forces him to face a long-buried secret, that will change how he sees his future.
As danger comes to Georgia, Liz & Jake must learn to trust God and each other, to see their way out of the situation.
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My Thoughts:

Having greatly enjoyed  a previous book by this author, my expectations were high when presented with this new one. No disappointment !! This novel was a very enjoyable read. The subject of a single mom's life immediately appealed to me. Her life was not perfect! Is anyone's?? What is the natural and unfortunately human thing to do in times of despair??? Turn one's back to God! Life is not a dream come true! We all wish it could be but let's face it, life has its hills and deep valleys!! Liz, the main character was no exception. Easy to identify with, this woman experiences tough times. Finding peace with her past and hope in her future involves the need to realise that God loves one in ALL circumstances. Jake is a natural protector. His past with Liz demands that he not only help her but face those hidden times that seem to be better forgotten. The characters are all described so realistically that the reader walks alongside them on their journey back to faith and redemption.

The plot moves steadily at a quick pace, with just enough twists and turns, to indulge those of us who enjoy suspense. The sweet romance, at times , seems to sour, but with the help of Christian friends, it grows. The need to have an active relationship with God is the underlying theme throughout the novel. Prayer and study of God's Word is the basis to a more meaningful life. The past is forgiven and forgotten. 

I am eagerly awaiting the next book by this author!! 
Definitely, a five star book!!!
This book was received as a gift. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.
About the Author:   
Melissa resides in a small mid-Michigan farm community with her husband and three children, all of whom they home school. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, taking photos, and motorcycle rides with her husband. Her hope is that each story touches your heart, gives you hope, or just gives you a moment away from the chaos of life.

Guest Post from Melissa Wardwell

Finding myself though “Finding Hope in Savannah”
Writing this book opened my eyes to quite a few things about myself. It opened a door to a need to discover new places and try new things. To step outside of my shell and not be afraid to discover what I am capable of as a wife, mother, and a Christian Woman. In one scene, I have “Liz” talking about how she wishes she could be brave enough to face things without being so fearful of the outcome. I was reminded that when we are moving in Christ’s will for our lives, there is nothing to fear. (Insert image of Woman on top of the fountain)
When I came up with the idea for “Finding Hope in Savannah” I wanted a location that was unlike any place I have ever been. All my other books take place in my area. So, I set out to find images of some place warm and southern. I came across images of this little community on the outskirts of Savannah Georgia called Isle of Hope. I loved the looks of this little haven so much, I made it the location of this book.
Writing the descriptions on the location was a bit of a stretch of my imagination. I hadn’t seen it, smelled it, or touched it in any way. The writing of this book just so happened to be the same year as when our family would be driving to Florida for a family vacation. After expressing my frustration in not getting the feel of the place right, my darling husband suggested leaving a bit earlier and spending some time in Savannah on the way down. I am so glad we did and I discovered for myself why it is considered the most beautiful city in the United States.
This book isn’t just a love story or a story about a woman in hiding, but about a single mother of a tween boy who is trying her best to find her way in this world. Having two teen boys of my own I know how fun, as well as gross, boys can be but to get the right mind set for “Liz” I had to do some homework. It took watching and talking to my friends who are single mothers, hear their concerns about life and managing their time. I admire those who have to play both roles every day and still have a smile on their faces. With my husband’s job, I am on my own with the kids part of the time, but it is only part time. I couldn’t imagine raising my three all by myself. My hats off to all the single mommies of the world.

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  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed Finding Hope in Savannah. Thank you for taking the time to read and review this book

  2. I love Christian books with suspense and romance! This one sounds like a winner!

  3. Nice review, Karla. I'm looking forward to reading Finding Hope in Savannah soon.

  4. Great review! I also really enjoyed Finding Hope, and enjoyed following this tour! Hopefully, many more people will read it.


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