Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Marvellous Book Out Just in Time for Mother's Day!!

          "A Mother's Love"
       By Charlotte Hubbard

What a perfect book to give your mom for Mother's Day!! Of course, it is also a fabulous read to buy for oneself, too!!  This standalone novel demonstrates the wonderful beauty of a mother's deep love for her child, along with a strong message of faith in God, as well as giving you the feeling of living alongside the Amish in their family oriented community.

The main character, Rose Raber, is a widow who has experienced a deep loss and the making of many very difficult decisions. She believed that protecting and caring for her daughter was the greatest challenge, that is until her dying mother unveiled a secret, that would change Rose's world. Rose had no idea that she had been adopted... and to complicate matters, her birth mother has much to lose if her identity is revealed. Rose's deep struggles are felt deep within the reader, as she attempts to make peace with this truth and her faith , along with a troubling curiosity. I easily identified with this fine Christian woman as I am an adoptive mom. The struggles to know who you are and your family connections can easily overcome an adoptee , especially when this has not been dealt with in early years. 

A newcomer on the scene, Matthias Wagler, is another interesting character. His character is so well developed and realistic, that I immediately became enthralled with his sense of optimism and understanding of Rose's situation. Rose is given a chance for a new life and a new beginning, but only if she can overcome her unanswered questions. Can this second chance succeed???

Just when the plot seems to be going along at a steady pace, in walks another unexpected character, wealthy deacon, Saul Hartzler, a man with a definite opinion about all and everything!! Will Matthias succeed in becoming a partner with him, helping his chances with Rose go forward?? Or, will the future be threatened with the uncovering of long hidden secrets??????

I found this book to be one that left me thinking long after I had finished reading. As an adoptive parent, is it always good to search for birth parents??? Are the reunions always joyous?? The underlying theme of faith, forgiveness and the desire to stick to one's beliefs were strongly felt throughout the novel. The love of a mother is something that is unbelievably strong, but God's power is even greater.

This book has well earned its place on my shelf. I enjoyed every moment that I spent with Rose and Matthias. Definitely, this book ranks five stars!!! I am eagerly awaiting Charlotte Hubbard's next creation!! Her unique talent to make one live the story is one that leaves me impatiently waiting for the next book!!

This book was received as a gift. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. What a lovely, thorough review, Karla! Thank you so much for taking the time to promote my new book on your blog!


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