Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vannetta Chapman Writes Another Winning Novel in "The Amish Bishop Mysteries"!

  "Who the Bishop Knows"
      By Vannetta Chapman      


What You Don't See Might Hurt You
Every year, residents of the small Amish community in Monte Vista, Colorado, look forward to the Ski Hi Stampede, the state's oldest professional rodeo. The rodeo is always good, clean entertainment for the hardworking farmers of the San Luis Valley. But this year, the Stampede turns deadly for one Amish man. Did rodeo fans see an unfortunate accident? Or something more sinister?

Amish bishop Henry Lapp is known far and wide for his uncanny ability to draw and remember the smallest details of anything he's seen, skills that have served him well in past investigations. He was at the rodeo that day. The problem? He didn't see Jeremiah Schwartz's death.

With a murderer on the loose and members of his community being threatened, Henry must act fast. But can he solve a crime he didn't see? This time around, Henry will have to rely on his keen sense of human character and observation, skills he's honed in his role as bishop, if he hopes to crack the case.

Who the Bishop Knows is a story of accepting our talents, putting one another first, and trusting that God will care for His children.
My Thoughts:   This is the third and final book in a fantastic series of Amish mysteries. This book could easily be read as a standalone as the author gives enough background information that the reader easily becomes caught up in the action. I had read the other two and loved each of them! However, I believe that this last one is THE BEST!  If you want to read something different from the  everyday kind of Amish fiction that is on the market, look no further. This book grabs your attention in the first chapter and maintains it until you have read the last page. 

Vannetta has the ability to describe her characters in such a detailed, realistic way that you easily identify with each of them. Henry Lapp has a concern for the community that is admirable. He is such a kind, loving man, compassionate and patient,  who has a unique gift that he uses only when it is needed! After all, he is Amish, he must not show off or be proud. Emma endeared herself to me very quickly. This couple, in their so called golden years are striving to find future together, however, obstacles seem to crop up to challenge each effort. Each of the characters comes with their own backgrounds of difficulties. Excellent development of character was evident throughout this tale. 

The plot was full of unexpected twists and turns. I had a very difficult time putting this book down to deal with everyday reality. The tension builds as the plot thickens. The author even uses some humour to lighten tense situations. The theme of keeping one's eyes on the Lord is underlying every event. Henry has to struggle to keep his faith strong in the most difficult times. A great example to all of us. 

I was very sad to say goodbye to these characters and their lives in this last book of the series. But, I must say, that I am also very eager to see what adventures Vannetta decides to write about in her next new book!

A five star book!!

This book was received as a gift. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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