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Sunday, August 9, 2020

An Amazing Start to Charlotte Hubbard’s New Series ! "Morning Star"

                                 "Morning Star"
                             By Charlotte Hubbard


When five maidels join forces to turn an abandoned barn into an Amish marketplace, 
the unmarried women have community in mind. But their fledgling enterprise promises to reap surprising rewards for each in turn, including the gift of unexpected love . . .  

For Regina Miller, the new Morning Star Marketplace is a chance to share her secret work with the world—without revealing herself. Old Order Amish forbid the creation of art without purpose, but
without a husband, Regina has been free to explore the joy of painting in her attic. Yet when Gabe Flaud’s curiosity leads him to speculate that Regina herself is the painter, the full weight of their community’s judgement falls on her shoulders.  

When Gabe stands up to defend Regina, questioning the Order’s restrictions, he reveals his own guilty secret and is shunned along with her. Forced to turn to each other for companionship, the young couple must learn to balance their own needs with their deep faith . . . and a love that will show them all things are possible.  

My Thoughts:

This book is the first in Charlotte's new series entitled "The Maidels of Morning Star". I have to admit when a favorite author begins a new series, I am always a bit worried that it will not be as good as the last. But I can honestly and happily say , that this book was every bit as well written as all of her previous books!!

The novel commences, introducing us to five unmarried Amish women who all exhibit love for their families and community. They each have their own quirky and unique personalities which keeps the reader intrigued throughout this tale. Each of them is able to open businesses, due to the free thinking bishop, that will not only give them freedom to express their creativity but to benefit the community by sharing profits to aid in the attainment of a new school.These ladies are described in a vivid, realistic way enabling the reader to easily identify with each of them. I felt their every hurt, challenge and success! Regina became my best friend as she stumbled in her rocky road of life. Who would ever guess that her talent would lead to a romance??

The plot was complicated from the very beginning. The reader has to be aware of the fact that creativity and certain talents are frowned upon by the Amish faith as they believe them to lead to pride and worldliness. Regina has had to hide her God given talents only because it would displease her community and could cause shunning ! Unexpected events and twists and turns in the plot kept me glued to the page. i just could not put this book down. This book is to be commended on its well developed plot!

Well writtien, very different from the norm usually seen in the Amish genre!!

Five stars for this winning tale!!

I can hardly wait for book two!!!

This book was given  to me. A positive review was not required. 

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