Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Marvellous Book of Romance- "Love, Charleston"

Book Review:  "Love, Charleston"
                             By Beth Webb Hart

Beth grabs your attention from the first chapter of her book and never fails to lose it!! She has written a beautiful story of compassion with an unerring eye to detail.
This is a story of a pastor who must leave his comfortable church to minister to those in an entirely different setting- upscale, higher class Charleston. He is a single father to one little girl who he adores. The bookd goes on to descibe his new duties and experiences. This is also a story of a family, with a marriage filled with challenges and scares- health, insecurity, family disagreements.
The main character, Lish, experiences a physical/mental disturbance that is frightening to her and all around her. Is suicide the answer? Is treatment the answer? You must read to find out. The book tells the story of  a family in crisis, poor Lish is totally confused and terrified by her physical symptoms.  Her marriage is disintegrating and she is unable to do anything about it. Her children's experiences in this sithuation are described in a detailed, empathetic way.
Meanwhile, the widower minister, finds a new love in his church community as he ministers to this needy family.
A well written book!! A true page turner!! Romance and intrigue are present throughout this creation.

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