Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Excellent Thriller to Read : "The Constantine Conspiracy"

A Great Book of Intrigue and the Power of Truth

Book Review- The Constantine Conspiracy
                            By Gary A. Parker

This book begins in Rome in AD313 and you wonder to where on earth this story is going lead!!  I thought that this was going to be a long, boring read!! Boy, was I wrong!!  The entire book was full of suspense and international intrigue, conspiracy and the power of truth.
An international playboy, Rick Carson stumbles upon a murder in his own Montana home- that of his father!  He does not expect to be the main suspect ,but it appears that that is just what he is.  He also does not expect to be caught in the middle of a 1700 year old conspiracy with connections to the very highest level of the government.
Another character enters the scene- Shannon Bridge- who is the first responder to the emergency call- showing up as a law enforcement agent....  but is she really who she says she is???? That is everyone's question, including Rick's and the reader!!Why is she so ready to help Rick elude the law if she is legitimate?
These questions remain throughout the book, keeping you in constant suspense. The author is extremely successful in connecting many ideas and time eras, all the while, keeping the reader fully engaged in the mystery- which turns into many mysteries. 
I would highly  recommend this book to those who love intrigue and complicated plots. Well done!!

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