Friday, October 1, 2010

Something New- A DVD to Review

"The Way Home"
A DVD movie based on the Inspirational True Story
Starring Dean Cain
This was a very different kind of review for me. I  had never watched a movie and then been asked to review it.  Totally different experience than holding a book in my hand and being able to flip the pages to remind myself of names, etc.
This is a story of a husband and father who is torn between the demands of his job and his family. Who is going to be more important?? It becomes evident early in the movie, that family becomes the centre of his attention in a tragic way.  Christal, Randy's wife, asks him to watch their two year old son Joe for a few minutes while she is packing for a trip. Randy becomes distracted by a work call/ computer and Joe disappears.  What a terrible feeling for the family!! Randy is overcome with grief- he wasn't being a good father- he became involved in another task rather than watching his son.
This movie also shows how a church community comes together to join in the search for the missing child. Strangers appear to help  search, as well as pray together for the safe return of Joe. 
Randy and Christal's already strained marriage now is further tested- the potential loss of their youngest child.
This is a movie, well worth watching, showing Randy's spiritual journey back to love , faith and a Godly understanding of a father's first priority- his family, NOT his job!!  Emotions run high throughout the entire movie. Will Joe be found alive, will he be found at all???
A good family movie as well as for couples struggling with what is important in their life and marriage.

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