Friday, November 12, 2010

Historic Romantic Fiction at its Best!! : A Book Review

The Preacher's Bride 
By Jody Hedlund

Jody's book was inspired by the real-life story of the great hero of faith , Paul Bunyan. writer of the famous Pilgrim's Progress. Behind this great man in history was his wife and Jody has chosen to make her fictional character (although much about her is fact) , Elizabeth, into the woman that loved and stood by a man of faith and helped shape him into the hero we got to know and love.
The setting is Bedford, England and the year is 1659.  John Costin, a Pilgrim preacher has just lost his wife due to childbirth. He is left alone to fend for his small children and a newborn infant. Of course, everyone in his following thinks they know best what should be done for this tiny newborn- he is so paralyzed with grief, he chooses to think it would be best if the little one joined his mother in a better place. Then, in walks the real heroine, Elizabeth, who amidst obstacles of all sorts,  from bossy ladies to gruff men, takes over the job as housekeeper to attempt to help the situation.
John goes on his way to preach the gospel although threats are constantly made against he and his family. Elizabeth stands by him, defending his family and suffering herself, mentally and physically , in order to keep this household safe and together. Violence abounds as John refuses to bow down and stop preaching his beliefs. 
As the challenges and the warfare between people and beliefs continue, the beginnings of a loving relationship develops- whether it is true for both John and Elizabeth is for you to discover in your reading of this book.
I found this book enthralling,- adventuresome, excitement and fear all abound.  The book is certainly well written and keeps you reading until all hours of the night, as my husband can attest to!!
Well done, Jody!!!! Keep writing and I will keep reading.
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  1. Thank you so much, Karla!! Your review is just lovely! Many blessings!

    Jody Hedlund