Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review of A Good Cowboy Style Fiction

Emily's Chance
By Sharon Gillenwater
This book is the second in Sharon's series called "The Callahans of Texas". The theme throughout this book is simply as stated in Chapter 1-"man meets woman. Man loves woman. Man marries woman".  BUT, this is not as simple as it sounds, at least, not to one of the main characters, Chance. In fact, it is NOT simple at all.
Emily Rose, the lovely maiden, is the other main character in this book, who has arrived at a small town in Texas to revitalize their historical museum.  She has the intention of completing the job for experience in her chosen field - to prove to her parents that her degree IS useful for something.  What Chance and Emily do not realize, is- the challenges and events that will occur in a short time span.  Emily's only desire, when she arrives at Callahan Crossing is to use this as a rung on her ladder to success- which will look good on her ever growing resume as she strives to become a big city museum curator.
Little does Emily know, that Chance, the cowboy and contractor, is going to fall for her- big time and makes a hearty attempt to keep her there- both with the town and him!!  As he helps her restore the town's history, after a disasterous fire, can he help her uncover the value of love???
Emily's main plan was to  please her parents by proving she does have a prestigious job- which she applies for, later in the story, and they have not wasted her education.
This book is a heartbreaking story of hope and healing.  The characters become very real to you as the author's talent for dialogue give them an authentic feel.  Family problems persist, relationships wobble, but peace and love overcomes all challenges. A good read, enjoyable to relax with!!  Well done!
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