Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Review of a Book that is a Work of Art with its writing of letters!!

by Susan May Warren

This book was a pure joy to review. 
Esther Lange, the main character, becomes pregnant, by a man who becomes her fiance, but true love is absent from the quick affair. It was a mistaken night of passion.  Her fiance, Linus is called off to war. Although, they had never built a true relationship, Esther truly grieves when Linus is lost in battle. She receives letters sent to her by a medic, Peter, who stayed by Linus as he lay dying. They appeared to give her comfort.
Due to the warm feeling  of receiving these letters, Esther starts to correspond with Peter, who says he is a wholesome farm boy from Iowa.  The question is:  Is he truly who he says he is ??  Although the entire book was excellent, it was the  letters that made the book  a work of art.  The letters that went back and forth between Peter and Esther were emotional, showing love and caring and written almost in a poetic style. You could actually feel what each of them was going through.  
There are secrets in this book that appear- is Peter really who he claims to be?  Is Linus really dead?  I will not spoil the storyline for you by telling you more details.
Esther does go through a great period of turmoil and hurtful experiences which she feels will hurt her little girl. She has to make many decisions of great importance.
The book concludes with a completely surprising ending. Happy but a total shock to me!!  It is definitely a  page turner and I did not want this book to end. Now I would like a follow up story. It is a story of war, not only in the world but in the inner being of the characters.  Great book that I would highly recommend!!
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