Friday, April 15, 2011

Amish Fiction at Its Best by a Favorite Author- ONE OF THE BEST!!

Plain Proposal
By Beth Wiseman
Now, I must admit, when I pick up a Beth Wiseman novel, I already have preconceived ideas. I know I am going to LOVE it and I know I am going to say that it is the best I have ever read- because- that is exactly what I always do!!   Her Amish Fiction is the best I have every read and she surprises me in every book with her themes and twists and turns. I can NEVER predict the ending, however hard I may try. Beth's characters always become part of my family and I feel their pain, hurts, confusion, etc. with them all. Humor is often  included in the novel, but  tears flow always when reading her books. Beth writes with true feeling, faith and emotion. The real Beth shines through. And that is what makes her an exceptional author.

Her newest book, Plain Proposal is the fifth in her Daughters of the Promise Series.   The main character, Miriam secretly promises herself that she will follow Saul, the love of her life wherever he goes and in whatever he does, never thinking that it could take her away from the only life she has ever known.
Miriam could have any man she wishes in her Amish Community. Every eligible bachelor would be happy to have her, however her heart belongs to Saul and always has. Rumors float that he may leave the Amish to pursue a lifelong dream of his own- Miriam vows to follow him there too, although he is reluctant to have her leave her family , church and friends.

Saul has experienced much loss in his life and has cared for his grieving  father for years, as well as his two young siblings. His father has had a secret for years and if Saul leaves, it will be discovered. What will happen to his brothers.?  You feel the pull  and emotions that are present in his heart..

As Miriam and Saul consider leaving their current lives behind, God does His work- He makes Miriam think of what it truly means to be a Daughter of the Promise. This love story is exceptional with its surprising ending. But , I must say no more. Read it and find out!!

You will end the book by waiting for Beth to write another book- either in this series or her new Colorado series. WOW!! LOVED THIS BOOK!

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