Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Inspirational, Hopeful Message Very Present in This Novel

                  The Deepest Waters
                          By Dan Walsh
I must admit, I am not a huge fan of historical fiction, so when I picked up this book, I wondered how I would write a positive review. I then recalled, that a while back , I had reviewed "The Homecoming" by Dan , and was shocked by my extreme pleasure in reviewing it at that time!!
Well, Dan outdid himself again. He writes with compassion, feeling and intense emotion. His characters are very real and you become totally engrossed in their challenges and problems.  He has the ability to draw you right into the story. You actually LIVE their lives!
The main characters, John and Laura Foster begin their fairytale honeymoon aboard a steamship in 1857.  Unfortunately, this soon becomes a nightmare instead of a dream. A hurricane strikes and the great ship is lost at sea. Many women and children are rescued, however most of the men have gone down with the ship. Laura struggles with her grief, which feels very real to you , as you read her challenges which seem insurmontable.  She is despondant- her joy with her groom has gone down with the ship. Facing the possiblility of life alone is almost unbearable. You feel the emotions of all the females and children as they arrive on a new land without the joy they had  planned.
Dan completely immerses you in his story.  I was pleasantly surprised at the ability of a male to writer  such  exceptional romantic fiction.
Am unable to tell you more without spoiling the reading of this book, but I highly recommend it. Even if you are reluctant to read historical fiction as I was, please try it. I promise it is worth the read!!
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