Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review of a Historical Fiction:" The Midwives"

Lady in the Mist
By Laurie Alice Eakes
 As I have previously mentioned, historical fictions are not my favourite books to read, thus I picked up this book, looked at all 400 pages and groaned, however there were some things in this book that I did enjoy. The book started out on a very interesting note- with a midwife being blamed unfairly for the death of a mother and her premature infant.  The midwife, Tabitha, who is the main character in the book, appears to be a very innocent person bearing the brunt of a grieving/ angry husband who is obviously hiding some details that clearly caused the deaths- nothing to do with the midwife's  part in the delivery process.
I found the themes, twists and turns in this book very difficult to follow. They did not keep my attention focused as I felt they should have, to truly enjoy this story. Perhaps, others' opinions would differ, because, as I said, it was just not "my kind of book" , so I don't want to judge it unfairly.
Tabitha, as a midwife in these times, is the keeper of many secrets. Some are revealed throughout the story while others are not.  Dominick is another main character who has his own secrets to keep , mainly that he is a British aristocrat working on American soils as an indentured servant.
The  book details much of the political feelings at the time when the relations between England and America are edgy. Dominick and Tabitha cross paths , leading them on a journey that is full of intrigue, public disgrace and love- I, myself, did not find these to be keeping me completely engrossed, as I would lose track of what the current situation was and who was involved. The world seems against them finding true love.
I did enjoy the  theme of midwives and their importance and involvement in society . They become heroines in the  situations in which they become part of. I had not realize before reading this novel of the secrets that were very much a part of their lives.
Soooo...... historical romantic lovers, this may be the book for you. I must say, it was not my favourite book, however, the author, Laurie Alice Eakes, certainly possesses a talent of describing her characters and having a very involved plot.
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