Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review of another excellent Amish fiction book- by the way, my favorite genre!!

Ella's  Wish
By Jerry S. Eicher
Jerry has outdone himself again!  I read "A Wedding Quilt for Ella" a short time ago and enjoyed it so much. To be able to review the follow up book, "Ella's Wish" was a delightful experience.
Ella, the main character , has lost her husband , due to a tragedy. At the beginning of this book, she is trying to put her life back together, despite losing Aiden, her one true love. She has moved into the house that she would have shared with him, as his wife, after their wedding,  if things had gone according to plans. Meaning, their plans, not God's!  Somehow, Ella has to learn to survive on her own, but how can she forget her beloved? What will become of her?
This novel tells Ella's story, of how, with God's help, she finds her way through the darkness.  Two suitors appear on the scene, but does Ella really want even one, let alone two?  Ella's nightmares give her reasons to doubt her future with one of them.  
While she is healing, Ella ministers to others by taking care of the three motherless children of the Preacher. She learns to love again, responding to their trust and love of her. Their simple affections seems to answer many of the questions in her heart. But is it God speaking?? Ella has to discover that herself.
Jerry's ability to make his characters come alive is to be commended. I felt Ella's confusion, hurts and challenges. A great book. I highly recommend it to all Amish fiction lovers.
This book was received in return for a review.

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