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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Review of a Book Dealing With a Subject Important to Us All

Book Review
"Please Stop Laughing at Me..."
By Jodee Blanco
This book was an excellent read from start to finish- meaningful, dealing with a subject that is sometimes "swept under the carpet"- BULLYING !   The author, Jodee Blanco tells it like it is, for she was once the victim of extreme bullying. She speaks eloquently, from experience, and more than once, had me in tears.
This book could save your child's life- you NEED to read it- even if it is not your child that is being bullied, there are many  out there in the school system who are. For every parent and educator and all those concerned with the  health and well being of our children, this is a MUST READ book!!
Jodee, herself, suffered from this for more years than you would want to imagine.  While others were dreaming of dances, first kisses and college, she was just trying to get through each day, figuring out how to get from room to room in her school without being teased and spit on , as she walked down the hall. She also suffered from a physcial disability , which although was unnoticed , until she became a teenager, caused her to lack self confidence .  
Jodee was shunned, ignored, beat all through her school years, from elementary throughout high school. Even with parental support, she could not beat through the  confusion of why me!!!   Why was she not allowed to be herself, an individual- to be left alone in peace??? 
This book shocks you - as well as inspires you - a "harrowing tale of survival against the odds". It opens our eyes to the harsh realities and long term consequences of bullying- and explains clearly how even loving parents can get it all wrong and why schools are unable to deal with this disaster.
What a super example of non fiction that is meaningful and badly needed at this time , in fact, at any time , in our families, churches and schools. Wonderful book!!!! Highly recommended for all to read- be ready for those tears of compassion and empathy.

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