Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Book Review- "Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me"

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Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me : A Memoir .....of Sorts
by Ian Morgan Cron
When first flipping through this book, which my usual way to begin a book I am going to review, I had the thoughts that this was going to be an easy read- not many pages, larger printing- oh this will go quickly. I must admit, I was wrong. The topic was different than my usual- it is non fiction and that is not usually my first choice, but the  subject matter was intriguing.
Ian writes in metaphors, which take some getting used to. He tells you the story of his life , which is one of remembering his many hurts endured, coping with them and coming to an understanding- but not until he was an adult himself of why and how this happened the way it did. Ian has a father that he just does not understand- why he acts the way he does, where he goes and why there is such unhappiness in his home.
Ian has made his memoir into somewhat of a parable. How can he love a parent who has hidden away from his fatherly duties?  He approaches dealing with the act of using God's love and forgiveness to discover empathy for this man and the past.
I have to admit this was not an easy book for me to read. I prefer fiction and lighter topics, however Ian writes in a very engaging and clever way , that I feel those who love biographies, etc. would love the detail and the showing of spiritual growth that takes place in his life as his takes this journey back to his childhood and beyond.
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