Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of A Roland March Mystery- and a great mystery it is indeed!!

"Pattern of Wounds"
By J. Mark Bertrand
If you love a good murder mystery, this is the book for you.  I found the plot to be amazing with all the twists and unexpected turns. As soon as I thought that I had the killer figured out, another tragedy would occur and my thoughts were totally wrong!! Roland March, the  detective , has the job of tracking down the killer of a female- very strangely murdered - BUT the case keeps multiplying and becoming more difficult- more victims are discovered- similarities between the cases are starting to  be like a dot to dot puzzle.

It's Christmas in Houston, and homicide detective  Roland is on the hunt for a killer in an affluent neighbourhood. This turns into what we observe to be a serial killer- on the loose. But there is a major problem- Roland sent the man, he believed to be the murderer to prison  ten years ago- OR did he?????

March has been alienated from his colleagues , also experiencing a rift in his marriage. Then comes the sting- he, himself, begins to receive taunting messages from the apparent killer. Bertrand does a fantastic job of describing Roland's feelings and pressures.  March's job is to understand the hidden messages given concerning the pattern of wounds before the time runs out. Can he do it??

This author is well versed in his knowledge of  detectives'  feelings and behaviours enabling you to actually  feel the fear and mystique in each of the characters.  Although he uses a lot of dialogue, it is well done.
An excellent book- you can visualize the scenes of the crime, but they are not described in gory detail.  Great book again, Mark!!

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