Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review of a book that makes you appreciative of your health!

"My Life and Lesser Catastrophes"
a memoire by Christina Schofield
This is one book that truly makes you thankful for your health and lack of tragic events in your life. Even when you think you have it bad, there is someone who has it much, much worse- and believe me, Christina and her husband, Allen did!!!
Life , as Christina had always known it changed in seconds, due to a few pebbles, yes, that is what I said, pebbles!  She and her husband, Allen were enjoying a wonderful summer with their three year old daughter , Lily,  with Allen being a campus minister and Christina illustrating children's books. Life changed in an instant, with a motorcycle ride that was supposed to be fun and romantic. Our for a carefree ride , the motorcycle suddenly hit some loose gravel and the two were thrown from the bike.  I won't give details , as that would be a spoiler for the book.

The essence of this book is how to make something good happen out of something tragic. Life turned into a tragedy for this great family , who certainly didn't deserve it. Good people get just rewards , right??? Not always what we consider just.  
As the cover of the book states., "Everyone was hoping God would take His big , awesome mistake eraser and rub this whole mess away. But he didn't."  It was a struggle for this couple to accept this fact  and make a happy life for themselves, with Allan left  helpless in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The whole truth comes to light- you can not change what God has chosen for your life, but you can choose how you are going to deal with it and use your faith to become a stronger person. That is what this young couple did . After their struggles continued to multiply, they learned to count on the Lord to solve their problems and give them happiness. They give up their all to Him and become stronger because of it.
This is a book to make you think, appreciate your life and learn to walk more closely with the Lord. A tearful theme, but a valuable lesson. EVERYONE needs to read this book!!!

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