Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Winning Book by Jerry Eicher

"Missing Your Smile"
      By Jerry Eicher

Jerry has again written another fabulous Amish novel, Book 1, of a new series, entitled "Fields of Home". "Missing Your Smile" intoduces us to the main character, Susan Hostetler, who has a falling out with her Amish boyfriend, Thomas, resulting in her leaving home, faith, family and community.  This venturesome, young lady makes her way to Asbury Park, New Jersey, where she gets a job and goes on to experiment with the English life. This novel is unique in its description of this innocent girl in strange surroundings, learning to drive a car, taking her GED test and dating the handsome, Englisher, Duane Moran. Living in an area where are there crimes, dealing with new situations, Susan is described a very courageous Amish woman, totally at odds with her background. Of course, her family is devastated by her decision to leave them.

The story has a quick and fascinating change of events, interrupting Susan's plans. A new character enters the scene - a young unwed lady, who gently leads Susan back to her home and her faith, although not aware of the importance of doing it. Will Susan reconnect with Thomas? Will she stay in the Amish community? We are left hanging  at the end of this book.

Jerry has once again used his great ability to make you part of the character's problems, challenges, fears and joys. You feel with Susan as she walks her road to finding herself.

The plot is well developed with enough variety and surprises to keep you spellbound as to what will happen next!
Myself, I am eagerly awaiting Book 2 in this series, to answer at least some of my questions remaining with me when I finished reading this book.
A great book!! Well done, Jerry! Loved it and looking forward to more in this new series.

Book provided by Harvest House Publishers and Jerry Eicher in exchange for an honest review.

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