Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A VERY different setting for an Amish novel!

"The Captive Heart"
    By Dale Cramer
This is the second Amish fiction book in Dale's series, entitled, "The Daughters of Caleb Bender", following "Paradise Valley". It continues the story of  the Bender family who have abandoned their roots in Ohio, due to what the father considers religious  persecution.  He brought his family to settle in what he considered a land of freedom in Mexico. Along with them, came a few other families, with more to follow later to form a settlement in this  place where they could worship in the way they desired, with land readily available for farming. What they did discover, was that there were many dangerous perils awaiting them.  Caleb's daughter , Miriam, was compelled to leave her intended husband, with whom she had been friends for many years. It is her hope that he will soon join them, or she would have to return to Ohio, without her family.
 In this second book of the series, the family encounters a killing disease, as they are preyed upon by bandits who act as wild animals, taking what they want, caring nothing of the damage and hurts they leave behind.The Bender family encounters unbelievable challenges. Miriam, must make the hardest choice of her life, involving a somewhat dangerous, threatening character, Domingo. Although his appearance can be somewhat frightening, Miriam sees the goodness in his heart. Will she sacrifice all she believes in to follow a man who saves her family while in danger? OR, will she go with the safety of a man  she has known for years?  Is she willing to pay the price to have him as MORE than a friend?  

This book is one that kept my attention from beginning to end. It is NOT the traditional Amish fiction!!  The plot is full of mystery, twists and turns and you never know what is going to happen next. The location of the story is one of danger and  intrigue. 
Characters become one with you. You definitely feel their fears, and challenges- AND there are many!! You are torn by what you believe the Amish faith requires and what Miriam decides to do, when in a difficult situation. This book is a page turner, from beginning to end!!! A surprising twist at the conclusion makes you want the story to go on and on and on....
Dale Cramer has done it again!! A real winner of a book!!!  Well done!!

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