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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Book Exemplifying Our Covenant with Christ

Product Details"Covenant Child"
By Terri Blackstock

I always love the mystery and intrigue in Terri's books and this one is no exception. It seems very different from her recent creations , in theme and plot, but if possible, is even better than her other series!! IF THAT COULD BE POSSIBLE!!
Terri involves you with the characters from the opening chapter to the last page of the book. I could not put this down. Meals, housework, bed could wait, I just had to read one more page....!!! The heartache experienced by the two little girls was just unbelievable. You get so engrossed with these little ones and their problems, that you want to jump in and save them.
The twists and turns in the plot keep you guessing. I would just think I figured out how it was going to turn out, and then another event would take over !! The suspense is great!! Anyone who loves a great mystery but no blood or gore, this book is for you!

Terri states that she wrote this book to exemplify the covenant we have with Christ and illustrate it in a way that both believers and non believers would understand. She was indeed successful.  

Lizzie and Kara are twins, who have lost their  biological mother at an early age. Their father remarried and they were in the midst of being adopted by their stepmother , when a tragedy occurs. Their father is killed in an accident.
We discover that unknown to the new mom and children, the father comes from an extremely wealthy family family and his children  will inherit this eventually , although it was left to his wife in his will, with the condition that she care for his children.  Then comes the surprise, the biological mother's parents arrive on the scene and in a court fight, get custody of the girls. To Amanda's dismay, she is not even allowed to see the girls. For years , she strives to keep in touch. The girls are unaware of her undying love for them.

This story follows along the lines of the Bible story of the Prodigal Son. The girls would be welcomed home, but will they be allowed to go????

This book helps us to understand God's love for us and the grace he offers. As a result of taking the grace we receive the inheritance. A GREAT book!!

This ebook was supplied by Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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