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Friday, April 27, 2012

Review of Book 3 of the "Women of Lancaster" series!

Product Details"The Amish Bride"
    By Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Clark

This book continues the story of the family that was involved in Books 1 and 2 of this series. Mammi plays an important role in this book, along with her granddaughter, Ella, who she expects to solve a mystery that has troubled her Mammi for years and eventually herself , as well. It involves a wooden box from Switzerland, handmade, that was carved in detail of the Home Place.  This was the farm in Indiana where Mammi and Ella's mother grew up.  
Ella has been given a journal , written by her great grandmother, that has pictures , recipes, diary entries, but the most puzzling of all are small detailed drawings and symbols. Of course, artwork such as this , is frowned upon by the Plain faith. Mammi wants Ella to discover what these symbols mean and break the code , to find the hidden secrets that she is sure are hidden within this book.

Ella  and Ezra are in love and hope to marry some day, but she is Mennonite while he is an Amish man. Both of them are Plain , but one of them will have to leave their faith and beliefs to continue their relationship.  Ezra's family sends him to Indiana  to work on a dairy farm, hoping that distance will cool the romance. However.... Ella disregards her family's wishes and follows him. The Home Place just happens to be there, so she can research as well as be with the one she loves. She finds a place to live , a job and an unexpected friendship with an Amish farmhand , Luke.  

While all of this is going on, she continues to attempt solve the mystery of the journal for her Mammi. With the help of Luke, she has a major breakthrough that will definitely shock all of the family. The element of surprise is constantly used in this book. The twists and turns in the plot keep one completely captivated. A family tragedy forces Ella back to her home in Pennsylvania where she must face all she has been running from. After making peace with those important to her, she has to make one very important decision- two men- whose bride will she become??? Luke's or Ezra's???

This book is a wonderful story of Plain woman who are struggling to find their place in life, while challenges confront them,

Wonderful development of character is present in this book. You feel as though you are living with them and are involved in every problem, while you rejoice with them when answers are found.

This ebook was provided by Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Hey Karla,
    I'd really like to read this one. I read the other two. In book 2 The Amish Nanny, I liked how they went to Switzerland and found the box. I enjoyed how they worked the genealogy of the family into the story because I did some research on my own family and loved finding all the old ancestors and their stories. This would be great to read to continuation of the story.


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