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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Lives Become One

                                    "The Lion Cubs"                   The Lion Cubs By Chrissy M. Dennis 

This book caught my attention on the very first page and kept it until I had read the last page- a 400 page book that took me only three days to read- I would think that speaks for itself!  I was spellbound by this author's creation.  Chrissy has the unique ability to capably intertwine two separate lives and stories, until she brings the two main characters together to a common place. Her description of the characters has you so attached to them, that the tears flow when you discover each one's heartaches and challenges.  The plot has unexpected twists and turns that won't LET you put that book down!! The whole theme of God making us whole by helping one another shines through clearly. Only God could overcome and restore these two young women's lives.

Lexi, the fifteen year old girl has had enough of EVERYTHING! She has lost her parents, been in four foster homes in two years and been abused and abandoned. So.... she heads for the streets and becomes one of the many runaways living in abandoned tunnels below the city. Lexi thinks this is the perfect place to be forgotten, however, finds it more difficult than ever imagined.

Liz, thirty six, has been a widow for two years, when her husband passed away due to cancer. She SAYS she is managing just fine, but has thrown herself into her job- being a doctor , full force, working very long hours, in order not to deal with her grief and pain. Liz has a family who is very concerned about her, but she chooses to ignore their opinions and becomes cold toward those she loves.

One day, these two lives become intertwined with divine intervention. Very different lives but both need the same thing- someone to care about them and to care for. Only God could weave these two beings into a pair that restores both of them to a strong belief in Him and forgiveness.

Exceptional book!! Chrissy, keep writing, I am waiting for more!!

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  1. Hi! Wow! What a great view, thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my novel and reviewing it. It is very encouraging to read such kind words about The Lion Cubs :)
    Chrissy M. Dennis


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