Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Different Type of Book from Jerry Eicher and his wife, Tina

"The Amish Family                      Cookbook" By Jerry and Tina Eicher

From bestselling Amish author, Jerry Eicher, comes a very different type of book. NO , it is not fiction!!!! It is a cookbook, written by he and his wife. 
There are too many unique and different recipes to describe in a short review, but it is fun to try out the new ones and some of the old favorites , with a twist or little change in them.  The only problem that I have experienced with this book, and it is more of a publishing company problem , is the organization of the recipes and how the ingredients are arranged. These recipes must be read in entirety before you begin cooking, as some of the ingredients are used later in the making of the delicious creation. For instance, don't throw out the egg yolks , as I did, because they are used later. That is just a small hint to use when following them. The recipes are delicious and cannot be faulted. Some, to me, were very unusual and that is the great part. Always fun to try something new!!

In addition, Jerry added Amish wisdom and humor from the  Plain people. You will have a laugh or two as you cook and read. The book also has room for side notes which I really appreciate, as I often decrease quantities. You will laugh , cook and pray , as you use this newest recipe book.

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Book provided by Harvest House and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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