Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Touching, Emotional Story from Author , Dan Walsh

"The Reunion"
By Dan Walsh

Dan has once again successfully created a story that touches ever emotion within a soul. "The Reunion" is an unusual  type of story. I imagined a book about a family  who comes together , after years apart and on and on. Boy, was I wrong!!! The topic of the book was a complete surprise and one which was dealt with deep sensitivity and understanding. The characters become so real to me, I shed tears as I made my way through this book. I don't believe anyone could keep from feeling the depth of the emotions. The only real problem with this book was, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN UNTIL I READ THE LAST PAGE and even then, I didn't want it to end. I wanted this uplifting story of gratitude, forgiveness, and  return to faith , to last forever. The characters listened to God and followed his plan. I believe that is what touched me so deeply.  

The plot was one of entrancement and at times great surprise. There was romance, great grief, great happiness, facing hard situations. You name it, it was there.
The twists and turns kept me glued to my seat as I read and read and read!

Aaron Miller is one of the main characters. He knows all about loss and sadness. He has lost love, dignity and most important of all, chances. He was once a hero to many and honoured as such  in battle. Aaron had received the highest honour of all from the president- a very important medal.  Then, why does he end up as a handyman at a trailer park, living in a hut??? 
Dan shows us very clearly how God can redeem anything we think we have lost in life. It isn't gone forever, we just have to accept  when we will follow His plan  and then He  finds us again and brings it back to us.  Someone important is searching for Aaron and this changes his life forever. Little does he realize , as he feels lost, he has continued to rescue many and bring them back to God. God rewards those that listen and follow his commands and although Aaron was tempted to resist, he came through and was rewarded in a grand way- with family  and best of all appreciation , worthiness and love.  Aaron has been a hero to many- he has no idea what impact he has had on their lives , until he is made to listen.

Dan manages to prove to us that EVERYONE can get a second chance at love and  life, BUT only if they follow the Lord's desires and plans, all in His time and ways.

Definitely a five star book.  Please keep writing Dan!!  CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!  What more could I ask? You touch my heart and encourage me with every book you write. Thank you !!

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  1. I had read that book- very emotional but wonderful book. I have always enjoyed any books that Dan Walsh writes. From what I have heard the book may very well be put into a movie- which I would love to see happen. I wish more of these good books would be put into movies!!!