Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Know Someone with Cancer???? This is a GREAT book to give as a gift or to use for yourself!

   "dear deb"
By Margaret Terry

"A Woman with cancer, a friend with secrets, and the letters that became their miracle."

This is truly an accurate description of this book. It is a book of letters from a woman who needed the miracle of healing from the dreadful disease , cancer and another who needed to share her stories of the past to heal her past.

Does God always heal?? Well, in this book, there was healing for both but not in the way, one of them would have wished. The healing of cancer was not to be , but to go and be with the Lord is one way of healing a dreadful disease and to be made whole once again.

These letters started out to be a daily  way to send words of encouragement , but of course became more than that. I absolutely loved the letters. They could apply to any of us, not just a patient who is suffering.  Margaret used her great talent of writing to  express her thoughts as mini stories of happiness, grief, disappointment  and she creatively used these to uncover powerful thoughts that she had carried many years. At times, I cried, at times , I laughed. Her motive was to carry her new friend from  this life to the next and she did just that. God was sure at work in both women.

Deb and Margaret formed a twosome that is to be envied by all. You could feel their closeness and the way God does have a plan for all of us, even when we feel there is no hope.  I came away from reading this book truly believing in the power of miracles. They may not always be what we seek, but God does know best and Margaret shows us how to accept the good with the bad. YOU are the maker of miracles if you follow God's plan, accept His timing and believe.

What an outstanding book! I do not usually like nonfiction writing but this book grabbed me and held me, also made me think of things in my life that I could greatly improve as well as things I could share to help others.

Thank you Margaret for sharing your innermost self. A five star book in every way.

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  1. Thank you Karla for this wonderful review - it warms my heart to know these stories touched you so much! I love what you wrote about miracles: "YOU are the maker of miracles if you follow God's plan.." One of my great hopes is that Dear Deb helps readers trust that God has miracles for all of us...
    Blessings and love,

  2. Karla! Thank you so much for reading Dear Deb and for your wonderful review - I loved what you said about miracles: "They may not always be what we seek, but God does know best... YOU are the maker of miracles if you follow God's plan, accept His timing and believe."
    With blessings and love,