Thursday, March 28, 2013

"A Courageous Story of Giving Life and Renewing Hope"

Product Details"Taylor's Gift"
                By Todd and Tara Storch
                     with Jennifer Schuchmann

This is one of the most thought provoking and touching books that I have read in a very long time. It is one that causes you to review your own life and appreciate all you have. 

Synopsis: A loving family is on spring vacation, having a great adventure skiing. It is the last run of the first day on the slopes for Todd and Tara and their three children. But suddenly, a tragedy occurs. Their daughter, Taylor's life is cut short in a skiing accident. The poor family is overcome with grief losing their beautiful young daughter. While they are still in shock, they are asked the difficult question that no parents think that they will ever hear, "Would you be willing to donate your daughter's organs?"

The answer they gave, would change their lives forever, as well as bring them immeasurable comfort in years to come, even in their darkest moments.  It also saves the lives of five desperately ill people who are waiting for a heart, liver, cornea, pancreas and a  kidney. What is important in life? To give to others! What is important in death- the SAME thing!  

This is a heart wrenching true story of a family's struggle to make the right decision. It brings hope to all those who experience a tragedy in their lives.  There can be life after a loss, although we think otherwise.  This Christian family finds strength in Goeven in the darkest moment. Hope  reigns!

My Thoughts:  My emotions while reading this wonderful book were on a rollercoaster .  I cried with these Godly parents as they went through the most feared of all disasters, losing a child. I rejoiced as they found hope and peace in their decision to donate Taylor's organs, as she would have wanted to do, so that she could live on in the lives of others. Even in death, Taylor made a difference to people who needed a touch of healing. An extremely well written book, accurately and realistically describing a tragedy that any of us could experience. 
The book succeeds in making us think that there can be hope found in any family situation. It also makes us very aware of the importance of organ donation and what it means to others. 
A FANTASTIC book!! One, that all of us NEEDS to read- thought provoking and hopeful!

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