Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting to REALLY Know the Author, Jerry Eicher!!

Product Details"My Amish Childhood"
                             By Jerry Eicher

 I have read many, many books by Jerry Eicher and I must say that I love all of his Amish fiction! Also in my possession, is the cookbook, that he and his wife composed together. Yes, I did know that he was from an Amish tradition but little did I know of all the experiences this gentleman has had. No wonder he writes with such accurate and expansive knowledge of the Amish beliefs and Plain People! 
In this memoir, Jerry recounts many of his favorite childhood memories growing up Amish. Born in Alymer, Ontario, Canada, Jerry grew up in a large Amish family, dedicated to their faiths and beliefs.
In this book, Jerry recounts many of his favorite childhood memories while growing up Amish. He gives us a very clear picture of the daily life of a unique Amish community, simple and trusting, however often, taken advantage of.
At a young age, this man was transplanted with his family to a strange land, with a different language and customs, - the Honduras.  In this book, we read of his adventures , challenges, joys and fears in this  faraway country.  
Also a new discovery, at least to me, is that Jerry struggled as a stutterer. He tells of his many unhappy experiences due to this condition. You feel his pain and agony as he recounts stories of frustration. His conversion to Christ and departure from the Amish faith is also included.
This is truly an informative, wonderful memoire, told in many stories. I must admit, I thought I knew a lot about the Amish until I read this book, packed full of information. I also gained insight into Jerry and what made him the author, he is today!! No wonder, he writes with such understanding of the Plain People.
A  great book that you should not miss reading!! 

Book was provided by Harvest House and the author, in exchange for an fair and honest review.   

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