Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Excellent Read: The Courtships of Lancaster County Series

" Adoring Addie"                    Adoring Addie (The Courtships of Lancaster County Book #2)
   By Leslie Gould

Leslie's first book of this series, "Courting Cate" , was a fantastic read, with this second book, "Adoring Addie" being equal, in the realm of Amish fiction. Her talent in grabbing your attention on the first page and hold it throughout the book is exceptional.

The story involves a new Romeo and Juliet conflict, however in a very different twist- in an Amish family and community!  Two families, the Cramers (Addie's family) and the Mosiers (Jonathan's family), have been furious with each other for so long that no one actually remembers the cause of the feud. The funny thing is that these families have not had anything to do with each other and have disliked the other for  years and years.  Things have cooled... somewhat, until the unthinkable happens!! Jonathan and Addie fall head over hills in love with each other. BUT there is a real conflict here!! Addie's mother and father have already planned a wedding for her- BUT not to HIM!! They wish her to marry Phillip Eicher, a stolid and boring individual who just happens to be the bishop's son.  The situation, although dramatic,  is told with some humor. Addie's aunt Nell  becomes involved in trying to help her solve the problem in a peaceful way. 

Jonathan and Addie decide that the only way for them to share the future , is to reconcile the two feuding families. However, this presents quite a challenge, as no one seems to recall the cause of the disagreement!!  They find themselves digging into the past to see what separated these two Amish families.  A challenge arises! Will their love be strong enough to seem them through this process or will it forever separate them and ruin their chance of happiness????

 I did wonder, how on earth, would the author be able to base this , an Amish book, on "Romeo and Juliet"???  Leslie Gould managed to pull it off in style and turn it into a wonderful tale that inspired and entertained. She was able to entwine many aspects of that great play into her own story!  What a great talent is exhibited!!  

The  characters were well described and believable, as well as entertaining and somewhat comical, each in their own way. I did want to shake Addie at times, and give her some advice!!  But then again, that is what made it such a good book. I could identify with her and felt I was living with her at that precise moment.  Leslie also described a few characters to become very annoying and quite difficult to like. This just added to the story , as you felt a rather intense dislike for the chosen groom, Phillip.

The plot was entertaining and continually filled with surprising twists and turns. I found myself comparing it to Romeo and Juliet to attempt to figure out what would happen next.

A FIVE star book!!!  You won't be disappointed in this read! Appealing to Amish fans as well as those who love a good romance.

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