Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Romance + Comedy= A GREAT Read!!

"Undeniably Yours"
    By Becky Wade

What a fabulous debut novel!!! Using an independent, feisty female, romance and comedy, all included in this book, made for a super read!! 

The main character, Meg Cole, experiences a tragedy in her life, in more than one way!  Her father dies very unexpectedly , and she is forced to go back home to Texas to the family home, "Whispering Ranch" to take over the ownership as well as leadership!! This is certainly NOT a task Meg desired!! In fact, it was the furthest thing on her mind! She is fearful that she will not only lose her patience but her sanity as well. This ranch is the home to thoroughbred racehorses. Meg desperately wants to just sell it all, however,  the manager, Bo Porter convinces her to give him six months to prove the importance and success of the training he does here. 

Bo makes an attempt to resent this determined woman who is trying to change his life and do away with the only job he has ever wanted. BUT , this is the interesting complication...... he feels a desire to protect Meg instead of exploding in anger at her. You can now see where this is going. Is Bo going to be successful in winning not only his job, but his new love??

The blow hits, when a their fragile bond is broken by a force from Meg's past.  Will their faith in God and belief in His wisdom to work through this circumstance   be strong enough to retain and earn one another's love????

The characters in this book were realistic, quirky and somewhat humorous individuals.  They  grabbed your immediate attention and maintained it throughout this novel. At times, I found I wanted to give each of the couple a good shake and some practical advice. It was impossible not to become involved in this story.

The plot , although rather simple, girl meets boy, etc. sounds dull and predictable HOWEVER. it was anything but that!! Becky Wade used a developing plot ending in a climax that was completely surprising. There was just the right amount of twists and turns , humor, romance and conflict to make it a great read.

This book would appeal to all fiction lovers, particularly those that like varied plots. It is just not your typical everyday book.

Definitely worth the read!!

A Note From The Author:             

  I happen to love stories about love.  Romance novels are absolutely, 100%, no-doubt-about-it, my favorite kind of book. 

        We romance readers are destined to suffer the disdain of others from time to time.  But we know our own minds, don’t we, ladies?  We know exactly why we read romance.  We know why we can’t stop turning the pages of a good book even when it’s hours past the time when all the prudent people went to sleep.  We know why a particular hero makes our hearts pound.  We know why a moment of courage or sacrifice makes us cry.  Ultimately, we know that stories with everlasting love at the core are the most uplifting, entertaining, fun, and positive books around.  And that is why we read them.  

        God is good, isn’t He?  Out of His grace He’s given me the opportunity to serve Him as (are you ready for this?  it’s a mouthful) an author of inspirational Christian contemporary romance novels.  I love my job!  

        My goal?  To bring you the very best stories I possibly can.  But even more than that, to bring God glory.  Before I sit down to write I always pray, “May You become greater and may I become less.” John 3:30.  I hope, in reading my books, that you’ll find God to be very great, indeed.  
        Thanks for stopping by.  “May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:7.

Author Becky Wade

Book was provided by the author and Bethany House in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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