Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beverley Lewis Continues Her Hickory Hollow Series

Guardian, The  "The Guardian"
          By Beverley Lewis

This third book of Beverley's Hickory Hollow series was certainly no disappointment! It was on par with her usual quality of Amish fiction! It is another of her creations that encompasses romance, drama and mystery in her unique style of writing.

The main character, Jodi Winfield, grabs our attention right away, with her independence and desire for peace. Her arrival to housesit in Lancaster comes at a perfect time. The last thing that she expects to find is a disheveled , little girl all alone on the edge of the road. How did she get there?? Who was she?? Why was she there??  Jodi, who is a teacher, is completely mystified. There has been no news reports of a missing child. The sweet little girl is no help, as she does not yet speak English, common among the Amish who have not been to school yet.
This child did NOT appear out of nowhere, although it seems as if she did!!

This discovery of the little one makes Jodi turn her attention to Hickory Hollow. It is no longer simply a house sitting vacation. It is a search for answers into the cloistered world of the Old Order Amish. What Jodi discovers is to completely change her life and vision for her future.

The characters in this book are extremely well described and developed. The cover of this book first attracted me, with the photo of a beautiful little Amish girl. But the attraction did not stop there. Each person in this story became close to me. I could easily identify with them. Jodi's feelings became mine. I felt every joy, fear and confusing thought that she experienced. 

Just the right amount of drama and mystery was included to make this book a page turner. The plot had many twists and turns that kept me reading long after bed time. Intertwining plots were present to keep the reader involved. 

Beverley Lewis is the author who initiated the Amish fiction genre and made it such a success. She continues to do so with her great ability in story development and creativity.

Definitely a five star book!! Eagerly awaiting the next book in the Hickory Hollow series!

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