Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Great Christmas Read!!

  "Christmas at Harmony  Hill"                                      By Ann H. Gabhart                                       
To those of you familiar with the author, Ann Gabhart, you will be delighted to read her newest novel, a Christmas story!! The Shaker community is one that most of us are not familiar with , but Ann describes the way of life realistically and in such detail , that we can picture ourselves there. 

The year us 1864, and the civil war is taking place. Heather Worth discovers that she is with child and is at a loss to know what she can do!! Her husband is at the front and she has no one to whom to turn for help.  It is suggested that a nearby Shaker village would provide the refuge that she seeks.  Heather's greatest desire is to find a peaceful place to have her baby, and this rather strange community becomes her answer. Can she possibly be content in the midst of those people with their peculiar beliefs about families??? Heather comes to term with the fact that they separate children from parents, spouses from one another.... BUT how can she EVER part with a newborn baby?? Is there any way , that she can find the desired peace and still keep her child with her???

Christmas is approaching and the joy of new life is about to become very real to Heather and those caring for her. Forgiveness is a theme that comes through loud and clear, as the way to approach her future.

Ann's characters are well described, in fact, so well, that you can feel Heather's confusion and pain. Her feeling of being lost, becomes your's.  The problems are realistic and believable, so much so that you begin to live within the Shaker village and share the concerns. The plot has just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and wondering how this young lady will ever cope and endure this strange situation. Questions are constantly forming in your mind! How? Why??

I truly enjoyed learning more about this faith and way of life. This novel is packed with detailed information about the rather different beliefs and daily way of life of these persons. 

A five star book. Don't miss it.

About the Author: Ann Gabhart is the best selling author of several Shaker novels, "The Outsider", "The Seeker", as well as other historical novels. She lives with her husband a mile from where she was born in Kentucky. Find out more at:

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