Friday, November 29, 2013

Read this new book by Todd M. Johnson - a winning Christian mystery/thriller!!!

"Critical Reaction"                    

By Todd M. Johnson

For those of who enjoy a "sit on the edge of your seat", "can't put it down", kind of book, search no more!!! I have found an author, to whom I have never been introduced, and I am definitely impressed!! I will be eagerly awaiting Todd's next new book.

A warning siren screams in the desert night , the worst has happened!!! (taken from back cover)  This alone caught my attention, even before I opened this novel!  This book is very different from those that I usually choose to read, so I was totally unprepared for the  excitement, worries and tension that I felt while reading it.

After turning out plutonium for the Cold War, the Hanford Nuclear Facility's poisoned buildings  were a far greater risk than anyone had ever imagined.  The guards who stood firm at the entrance, to protect the facility from sabotage and monitor its buildings had been told that the dangers are under control! But were they??? Why were the guards placed there, if there were no worries?? THEN, the worst happens!! A thunderous explosion in the middle of the night!

Keiran Mullaney  survived the blast , but when threats and silence are met when he attempts to discover the cause and what really had happened, he is able to reconnect with an old friend, lawyer Emily Hart. Although she is inexperienced in this field, she is convinced that she should take this case and help this innocent man. BUT , she also realizes that without help, her case is lost before she even gets started.

Emily's father, with whom she has cut all ties, has the experience in the courtroom that they need. Due to tragedies in his personal life, he has grown negative, withdrawing from his profession as a highly sought after lawyer. BUT, this is a chance to rebuild a relationship with his daughter, so he takes the case- on the condition that Emily follows through in the courtroom. The deeper these two lawyers dig, the more dangerous the case gets!!

These characters and the intricate plot kept me glued to my chair!! Each person had definitely different personalities, with quirks and differences.  I became so engrossed in the deep actions in the story, that I started to try to think of solutions to this case. The characters appealed to me in a very emotional way. The problems and seriousness of the situation was felt deeply. The complicated plot keeps the reader guessing throughout the book. Totally unexpected twists and turns appeared in each chapter. Suspense was running deep within me!! My heart beat faster, my breathing became shallow, I was ENTIRELY involved !!

This is an author to watch!! His ability to make a thriller so compelling and exciting, is outstanding!!

Definitely a five star book! Mystery lovers MUST read this book!!

This book was provided by Bethany House in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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