Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Terrible Taunting" - An App for Children Ages 5 - 11! Brings Attention to Bullying!

DESCRIPTION: The adorable JMan and his plucky hedgehog sidekick, Mr. Redge are the unstoppable, secret superhero team who save a classmate from the poking pranks of Dr. Evil Touch! Join this quirky duo on their quest to stop a bully, make the school playground a peaceful place, and more importantly, make a new friend who likes crime fighting, capes and karate, too. Discover JMan's hidden notebook on each page about what it's like to be an Aspie.
ABOUT THIS APP: This INTERACTIVE storybook app is based on the real JMan, Jonathan Murphy, and his REAL LIFE adventures growing up with ASPERGER'S SYNDROME. Written by his sister, Molly Murphy, and narrated by Jonathan, the story is told by someone who sees his world from a very unique perspective. It promotes SELF-ACCEPTANCE, AWARENESS, and an UNDERSTANDING for others who are different.

AGES 5 - 11


- You can change the superhero, JMan, into super-heroine, Jaycee.
- Touch Mr. Redge on every page and a SECRET NOTEBOOKpops up with age-appropriate information on Aspergers Syndrome, being different, and bullying.
- Over 70 INTERACTIVE SOUNDS AND ANIMATIONS ---including capes waving, speech bubbles, character movements, and more.
- Original "I'm Unique, I'm a GeekTHEME SONG by award-winning children's performing artist, AndyZ.
Easy to use navigation, customization, and page turning effects.
- Narration with word highlighting, self-read, or record your own narration options.
PROJECT BASED LEARNING CURRICULUM aligned with Common Core State Standards available for FREE DOWNLOAD




Smart Apps for Kids:
My Opinion on this App:

This App is the best one that I have seen yet to point out the true effects of bullying and the solutions to solve this problem that many young children experience at school.

As a retired teacher, who has taught many children with Aperger's Syndrom (autism), I realize how much they suffer with the teasing. They have enough to do, just to cope with everyday life. Sensitivity to others' behaviors , noise and surroundings are just part of them!! Coping on the school yard and in the classroom is always a challenge- and that is to just survive. I think we all, as parents, educators, etc, all want our children to feel safe , secure and enjoy life.

If this App points it out to a few children, it is worth its while. It is extremely well done. The story involves the reader from the first to the the last page. The changing of characters to themselves or others they know is an excellent feature. It makes it more approachable and involves the child in the immediate story.

This is such a common problem, but one which is so difficult to deal with. "The Terrible Taunting" does a superior job in having colorful pictures, complete reading aloud (the child doesn't have to read it by himself), having a task on each page to do, keeping the child engrossed in the story.

Well done!! Hope to see many more in the future!

App was supplied by Litfuse in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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