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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Inspiring, True Story of How One Woman Saved a School Under Siege

"Prepared for a Purpose"    

    By Antoinette Tuff
with Alex Tresniowski

If you want to be truly inspired by a true story of how a single woman's courage and faith prevented a tragedy, then this is the book for you. A reader could not be found, that would not be encouraged by Antoinette's powerful faith that enabled her to be a true hero!

Synopsis: The main character, Antoinette Tuft, is a woman who has not had an easy life. She has had to face her own pain, hurt and rejection. while still holding strongly to her faith , grace and hope. This hope gave her exactly what was needed in an unbelievable situation, one in which we hope never to find ourselves. Antoinette is a single mom, who was married for thirty three years and had two children. Her son was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder, her life was shattered with a divorce, and she continually struggled to keep her faith through struggles, emotional, spiritual and financial. At times, she fought with such desperation, that she attempted to take her own life. A tough life!! But through it all, she maintained her faith! In fact, these challenges gave her the courage and strength she needed in a horrific situation.

 As a bookkeeper, in a school, Antoinette met many people and dealt with a variety of situations. On the morning of Aug. 20th, 2013, life started out normally. Never in her dreams, would Antoinette dream of the events that would take place. While relieving the receptionist in the office for a short while, a young man entered the building. Completely dressed in black, his facial expression  showed intense anger. In his hands , he held a rifle, with his finger placed on the trigger. He was ready for action, NOT one that we ever want to experience. His eyes showed a severely disturbed man, capable of doing horrendous acts! After announcing that "We are all going to die!", Antoinette knew she and everyone in the building was in danger. 870 children were in this building, and after Antoinette quickly gave an announcement on the PA System, they waited in fear as their elementary school rushed into lockdown mode. 

Antoinette became a hero that day! She used her faith , courage and trust in the Lord, as well as her own past life events to avert a tragedy that could have ended in hundreds being killed. This story is evidence of what can be done if we allow ourselves to be used by God. God uses ALL of our life experiences , good and bad, to prepare us of our own moment of divine purpose.

This tale was one so riveting, that I could not put the book down. I knew how the tragedy ended from news reports, but what the public doesn't know or realize is the effect of this one woman on the future lives of hundreds of children. The way Antoinette use compassion and empathy to disarm a mentally ill man intent of killing , could only be through the power that God gives us in our most needed moment.  God's plan was definitely at work throughout her life to prepare her for this horrible experience.  The power of prayer is clearly evident. Little did Antoinette know, when she awoke that day, how important her past would be in helping her deal with a day of nightmares!

Definitely a five star book!!  Worth the read illustrating the power and value of compassion, one which we should teach all of our children!

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