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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Patrick Craig Does It Again!! He has written another Amish novel, with a different twist!!

"Jenny's Choice"

  By Patrick Craig

When a parcel  arrives at my door, I am in a state of excitement and anticipation, especially, if I know that it is a book!!!  I am immediately at that mailbox , ripping open the package, and ...... then..... I disappear from the world of reality!  When "Jenny's Choice" arrived on my doorstep, it once again "made my day"!  I must say, though, that there was one big disappointment!!! This is book three of Patrick's Apple Creek Dream Series!! It is now ending!! When you find a good read, you want it to go on forever, thus, I felt a very real sense of loss. My friends who live within these pages will be gone!!  The series is now over!!! BUT I have great faith, that Patrick will write another series in which I can become engrossed.

Can a new mother ever recover from a tragic  loss?? That question plagued me from the first chapter 0f this book. The main character, Jenny and her husband Jonathan have settled in Paradise, PA ( I must say my favorite vacation spot) to raise their young daughter Rachel in the simplicity of an Amish community.

Tragedy strikes! Jenny must do what she feels is best for Rachel- and that seems to be that she has to leave her beloved farm and return to be with her parents in Apple Creek, Ohio. 

Jenny, courageously, works through her grief and despair. It is not an easy road. You feel her heartaches and cry with her . She becomes your best friend, or sister, who you would love to hug, pray with, and say, "It is going to be alright."  Jenny does one thing that the Amish faith frowns upon. She loves to write, journals, stories, articles!! BUT , isn't that worldly???? Well, in the eyes of a particular bishop, it certainly is! A handsome young publisher discovers her work and encourages her to make use of her great talents. Jenny finds herself in a quandry- can she remain Amish when she meets worldly success??? Can she follow her heart, when a romance begins to bloom????  Jenny must ask herself how far she is willing to go to follow her dreams. Is publishing and a new relationship part of God's  plan??  Is she willing to leave her faith to move ahead in her desires??

The plot was full of twists and turns. If you like the unexpected to occur in books, then this is the book for you! Just when you think you have Jenny's life worked out, another complication is thrown in!  

Patrick Craig has outdone himself on this last book of his series!! Definitely , a five star book!

NOW, I am eagerly await to see what this author comes up with for his next series!! It will be a great surprise, I am sure!!

This book was supplied by the author and Harvest House in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. This is an author I've not heard of! I'll have to check him out

  2. I have just recently found this author and want to give him a try, I love to read amish stories and this looks like a good series. thanks for sharing your comments on his books. it helps to know someone else has read and liked them.

    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)


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