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Friday, February 28, 2014

"The Beiler Sisters" - A New Series by Jerry Eicher

"Holding a Tender Heart"

       By Jerry Eicher

"What happens when an Englisha girl decides she's really Amish at heart?" This is subject addressed in Jerry's first book of his brand new series. I have always enjoyed books by this author and this book was no exception!

 His accuracy in describing the Amish community and people of this faith is to be commended. As Jerry was raised Amish, he uses this knowledge to its best advantage enhancing  the ability to identify with his main characters  . They are realistically developed throughout the story, having real problems and challenges, just as you and I would! The difference appears when they deal with these worries and fears. The Amish faith approaches them much differently than you and I would. The true picture of an Amish community is clearly formed in your mind as you read.

Debbie Watson has just graduated from college and attained her first job. Her parents are delighted and they are eager to see her become independent and discover all that life has to offer.  BUT, and this is a big BUT, what will they ever say and do when Debbie announces that she is moving in with the Beiler family because she prefers the plain life to the glitter and sparkle of the world that her peers have chosen! Just as an aside here, Debbie is attracted to Alvin Knepp, a quiet, reserved Amish farmer who doesn't seem to realize she is alive! Another, NOT so quiet Amish man, Paul Wagler, DOES know she is alive and attempts to win her heart.

While waiting for Alvin to discover her, Debbie has other things to work out. Verna, one of the Beiler sisters, and her dearest friend, is devastated when the man she loves , Joe Weaver, is wrongly charged with a crime and may go to jail. He is innocent, but in the Amish tradition, has difficulty standing up for himself in a court of law. Debbie is asked to intervene to solve this romantic/legal dilemma, while she herself is struggling to get a beau and assure her parents that she has not gone of the deep end!

I truly enjoyed the different twist of this book of the Amish genre. So often the books are full of Amish young people who want to join the Englisch world! This is a whole new approach!  And it presents totally different problems! 

The plot is developed quickly, easy to follow. There are interesting subplots along the way to keep your mind alert throughout the book. The author uses wit as well as compassion to keep the reader engrossed in the story.

Another great book!!! Looking forward to Book 2 in this series!!!

This book was supplied by the author and Harvest House in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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