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Friday, August 15, 2014

A Breathless Ride !

"With Every Breath"

By Elizabeth Camden

A historical romance!! Oh, no, not another , I thought to myself, when I saw this book offered for review purposes! As this is not my favorite genre, I hesitated before saying that "yes" , I would review it! Upon the book's arrival in my mailbox, I reluctantly opened it and ..... what a surprise!!!! Low and behold, I was entranced from the first to the last chapter. Either it is exceptionally well written or I am being converted to thoroughly enjoying this genre. I do believe that it may be a bit of both!!

Kate Livingston, the main character, is living a respectable life in the nation's capital. However, her peaceful existence is suddenly disrupted by the one individual who had hoped never to encounter again, the insufferable Trevor McDonough! As a Harvard trained physician, he had never shown a bit of interest in Kate and that was fine with her, however business influenced him to seek her out.

Although she is hesitant, Kate agrees to Trevor's risky proposal, to join him in his work to find a cure for tuberculosis. Trevor's hidden past is slowly unlocked under Kate's scrutiny. However, there are closely guarded secrets that are far darker than she expected.

Her revelations from the past threaten to destroy both of their careers, their futures, even their lives. They must find the strength to trust that hope and love can prevail, when they have everything to lose.

This plot had me caught up from the first chapter . I could not relax until I had read the end of the book!! There were many intertwining subplots, that added twists and turns at every corner. At times, my heart pounding, I sat on the edge of my seat, as I awaited the next complication, and yes, sometimes  frightening turn in the story. 

The characters were realistic and so well described, that I immediately, was able to identify with Kate. That is what to me truly makes a good book. I felt her every worry, confusion, challenge and fear!! I must admit, at times I felt great anger at Trevor for putting her through such agony!! 

Elizabeth Camden is a talented author to watch for future books!!

This book was definitely a  five star read.

Book was supplied by Bethany House in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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