Thursday, August 14, 2014

It really IS around the bend!!!

"Around the Bend"
By Rosemary Hines           

I must say that I am definitely a fan of Rosemary Hines!! I have loved each and every one of her books that I have read. ALL are five star books, as far as I am concerned. 
This is a fourth book in this author's Sandy Cove series and hopefully not the last!! 

"The carefree days of summer bring an unexpected turn in Michelle Baron’s life when her former student (and the birth mother of their adopted son) returns to Sandy Cove. What is Amber Gamble seeking? How will it affect Michelle and her family? And will patriarch Grandpa Phil, facing a heart wrenching challenge himself, be able to help them lean on God for answers as they await what lies Around the Bend?
Welcome back to Sandy Cove ~ where hearts and lives intertwine in the dance of life. "

 The title fits the story perfectly, as no one ever does truly knows what is "around the bend"! We have all experienced this feeling in our lives and Rosemary deals with it realistically in her characters' situations. None of these characters ever anticipated that they would encounter life to happen the way it plays out. But they dealt with it to the best of their ability, in a pure,  Christian manner. Each and every one of them, had experiences, they didn't expect, but through trial and error dealt with all with faith and trust. God managed to supply the comfort that they needed to continue in life trusting Him to meet their needs. I loved the way God used others to help them through the tough times . We all need to use this as an example for our own lives. 

Aging and end of life issues were addressed in a sensitive manner. The various characters struggled  with their feelings and had different degrees of battle with feelings and faith. The author is to be complimented on her understanding and compassion  exemplified in her story of aging, premature death, as well as the challenges in an adoption situation. The characters were presented so realistically, that I must admit , I shed some tears along the way.  Grandpa Phil was a favorite character, who I so wanted to meet in person. An ideal grandparent who truly lived his life for The Lord and helped others along in their struggles in his quiet , relaxed manner. 

The plot was well developed, in fact, so well, that the book kept me in a world of my own . The everyday tasks were left unfinished and ignored, until I read the last page. The many twists and turns  kept me guessing and emotionally involved throughout the story. 
Although not classed as a mystery, I was on the edge of my seat, with my heart pounding . I just had to know what would happen next!!

Definitely a five star book!! I would highly recommend it to all Christian fiction lovers!!

This ebook was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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