Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Laugh Out Loud Historical Romance from Mary Connealy!

  "Tired & True"
 By Mary Connealy
 Mary has written another humourous  historical romance. This author has the ability to combine humour, romance and yes, even a bit of intrigue in her books. It is quite okay for authors of Christian fiction to entertain us with laugh out loud tales and Mary does it well.

This is Book One in a new series, entitled "Wild at Heart" and the main characters, the Wilde sisters certainly are that, to say the least! Kylie Wilde is the youngest of three sisters AND she considers herself to be the most civilized of them! Her older sisters are quite content dressing in trousers posing as men, however SHE wears skirts and has grown her hair long. These three quirky characters are taking a huge risk! They are homesteading using the special exemptions they earned in the Civil War, all the while pretending to be boys!! Kylie is the only one who strives to finish her time in the wild and can hardly wait to return to the luxuries of the East. 

Just to add some tense moments in Kylie's life, a local land agent, Aaron arrives on the scene. Upon their first meeting , he is fascinated from the time her long hair floats from her cap. Easily discovering her secret, now come the complications. Should he report her for defrauding the government??  When a new problem arises, and someone else tries to force her to leave, can he convince her that marriage to him would solve the problem???  Can he convince Kylie to settle in the frontier?????

Mary describes her characters in detail, so that you can easily imagine them. They tend to be quirky people who don't always have total control of their actions, resulting in laugh out loud situations. They possess charm and grace with just the right amount of mischief.

Mary Connealy's fast paced plot keeps the reader's attention throughout the book. You just never know what is going to take place next. Some of the outrageous results have you giggling along with them in comical situations.

I highly recommend this book as a light read that is entirely enjoyable.

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