Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Fantastic Read for Lovers of Amish Fiction!

By Barbara Cameron

For those who enjoy reading Amish Fiction, this is definitely a book to put on your "to read" list!  "Crossroads" is the second in Barbara's newest series, "Amish Roads" , following "A Road Unknown". Since I loved the first in the series, I was not surprised that this book was equally well written and a totally enjoyable read.

Synopsis: Emma, the main character, had decided long ago that she was going to marry Isaac Stoltzfus. In her childhood, she had dreamed of being Isaac's wife, of fixing up a small farm house and of raising a family together. BUT there is a major upheaval in her well laid plans- during Isaac's Rumschpringe , he has been introduced to new ways and has found that he enjoys them greatly. Emma is shocked and dismayed!!This was certainly not expected.
Emma is now wondering if Isaac is the same gentle man with whom she fell in love. He has become a stranger, much like an Englischer, wearing jeans, a short haircut and listens to strange rock music!! He moved out of his parents' farm, has gotten a job and expects Emma to join him in this new Englisch world much to her dismay.
Emma is faced with a life changing decision. How can she ever leave her family, friends and church. All of her dreams are shattered. But, she still loves him!  Can you ignore that pull of love?? She is truly at a crossroads in her life. What will she choose?? 

I found myself totally engrossed from the first page of this book. In fact, I had a very difficult time putting it down long enough to eat and sleep.The world passed me by, as I lived Emma's life full of changes and challenges. An easy character to identify with, she became my best friend. Barbara describes her characters in such a believable, realistic way, you find yourself living the Amish life and feeling their every emotion. 

The plot is believable and is very well developed. It moves along at a quick pace, while still allowing you absorb the implications and surprises along the way. Just enough twists and turns were there, to keep you glued to the page.

This book could be a stand alone book. It is not necessary to have read Book One in the series to enjoy it, although it does add more meaning to the story.
Definitely , a must read for all Amish fiction lovers!! That doesn't mean others wouldn't enjoy it!! 

Eagerly awaiting the next in this series!!

The ebook was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!