Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Can Faith Build Bridges ???

                                             "The Desire"
                                             By Dan Walsh 
                & Garry Smalley

This is another heartwarming, touching novel by two of my favorite authors, continuing The Restoration Series.  The book deals with a subject, that is near and dear to my heart, that of infertility, in a sensitive yet realistic manner. As my husband and I have walked this path, I was able to immediately identify with all of the characters, especially Michele. All of the testing, the pressures of society to have a family in order to be complete, the insensitive remarks made by others, were all things that I remembered . The sadness and grief is common among those like ourselves who find ourselves  unable to have a child. Everyone seems to think that they should give you suggestions and "help" you. Little do they realize, they are just reopening a wound that will not heal! Everywhere you go, you seem moms with strollers, teens with babies in arms, wondering why God did THIS to you?? The desire to have a baby just does not go away!!

For two years, Allan and Michele have been trying to have a baby. This emotional experience has been taking its toll on their relationship, AND their hearts. Michelle is obsessed with researching fertility treatments, as is  a common female reaction, while her husband is content to take his mind off the concern by spending his time and their money of supporting displaced children in Africa.  Michele is at her wit's end trying to understand her husband's seemingly lack of concern. Something has to give!! Hopefully, it is not their marriage. Can their marriage withstand the pressures and differences of opinions??

God has a plan for this Christian couple that they could never imagine! But will they wait and let Him take total control so that his will  is done???? A change of heart is need! Are Michele and Allen strong enough to set it in motion???  Allen's trips to Africa appear to be a bone of contention,hurting Michele . Little does she realize that following God's plan has a reward of unimaginable proprortion.

These two authors have a very special way of developing realistic characters who live within you as you read the book. You feel their every desire, hurt and cconfusion. 

The plot keeps you engrossed from beginning to end. It is so captivating that I found it very difficult to put down. In fact, the world passed me by , as I read this touching tale.  You finish this book realizing that God is truly in charge and always does His best to meet our needs, perhaps not in the way  we had dreamed, but in His time and fashion. If you are patient, God will see you thorough.

Definitely a five star book!! Can hardly wait for the next book by these fabulous authors!! Very thought provoking!

This book was supplied by Baker Publishing Company- Revell Books, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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