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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Great New Book for Young Adults!!!

      miles from nowhere
         By Amy Clipston

This best selling author, Amy Clipston, of Amish Fiction , the "Kauffman Amish Bakery series, also writes the BEST young adult books!! Although classed as for youth, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is truly a winner for all readers!! I am certainly NOT young, but I loved this book!

The main character, Chelsea has always been a dependable , responsible girl who was  working diligently on her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her arrival in New York City to start college will be a time of great excitement. In her last summer in North Carolina, she  has settled into her role as the lead  designer for the local summer stock theatre group easily and eagerly, ready to tackle a challenging yet worthy job. The one down side to the summer was that her best friend, Emily , was always busy working late and spending time with Zander. The tensions with Chelsea's boyfriend, Todd , were running high. It appeared that her summer was NOT going to be all that she had imagined. Her plans were falling flat!

Then, entering the scene, is the handsome,  popular Dylan, who joined the summer theatre group. He's a college boy who makes Chelsea feel free and alive. Chelsea believes the best thing to do is to break up with Todd and soon she is doing the unthinkable kinds of things for this fine Christian girl. She is sneaking out at night to meet Dylan at parties that are certainly not  of the kind that a decent young woman would attend. Before she knows it, her late nights and other activities are interfering with her job, her role in the play as well as her family and friend relationships.  Chelsea is wandering farther and farther from God and His plan for her life.

The summer becomes wilder than she had ever dreamed. Will Chelsea realize her dreams are falling apart. Will she listen to the quiet voice trying to lead her in the right direction???

The characters in this book were so realistic and typical of this day and age, that I easily identified with them. They became my children, who I wanted to at times, shake them , encourage them, hug them , as well as give them some advice. As I am the mother of a young person, I am fully aware of the temptations out in the world and in this book, felt I wanted to take the parent role!! 

The plot moves quickly and keeps the reader engaged throughout the book. You feel the struggles and mixed emotions that Chelsea deals with. This is the world that our young people deal with on a daily basis. I had no idea which path Chelsea would choose to follow. Her adventures were somewhat frightening however excellent learning experiences. But would she use them as such?? 

This was a fantastic read, not only for young adults but for parents as well. A good book for discussion with your teens involving keeping your Christian values as well as how your decisions can affect your future.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Very thoughtful review, Karla. I read a couple of chapters and quickly got hooked, but had to put it down because of previous review deadlines. My children are grown and doing well, but oh, how I remember those unsettled teen years!


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