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Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Bakery Bunch!" What is THAT??

The Excitement of Becoming a Member of The Bakery Bunch! 

What on earth is with all this PURPLE stuff???? You may wonder this, as today's blog post is so different from my usual postings, in which I review new  Christian Books!  Some time before Christmas, I just happened to see a posting on Facebook from Amy Clipston, one of my favorite Christian authors. She writes great Amish Fiction as well as Young Adult books. Amy asked for people who would be interested in becoming on her publicity/street team to respond to her. As I LOVE her books, of course, I did so immediately. I knew that there would be many others who would do the same and that my chance of making the team would be slim. To my great surprise, I received an email a while after , telling me that I had a spot on Amy Clipston's Bakery Bunch!! 

To make life even sweeter, each member was told that Amy was sending us a box of goodies, so watch the mail. I expected a little something. HOWEVER, I was wrong!! This is what the mail truck delivered to my home!

My dog, Jackson was VERY curious about this purple box!! 

After a few sniffs, Jackson decided that he had no interest in it! There were definitely NO dog treats in this container!

I, on the other hand, could hardly wait to open this box!! An early Christmas gift from Amy!!

The contents of this box were simply amazing!! A cup, pens, bookmarks, luggage tags, an ARC of Amy's new Young Adult book, "Miles From Nowhere" and a bright purple, shopping bag!

My cup with Amy's name on it, goes many places with me . Here in the photo, it accompanied me to card making class at the church. Of course, it does cause people to ask questions- what is the Bakery Bunch, who is Amy Clipston? and that gives me a chance to tell others what a super author she is and that they should give             her books a try!

My shopping bag has been a most useful item!! It has gone to the grocery store, the library and to my very favorite spot, the quilt store, Kindred Spirits, where I spend at least one day a week, with my friends quilting.

A luggage tag has been placed on my case on wheels that accompanies me to quilting every week. Useful, with my name on it, but also to answer questions, who is Amy Clipston, why do you have that tag on your case???

I took time this week to visit the Welland Public Library, where I presented an employee with plenty of Amy's bookmarks to hand out to patrons, as well as a couple of pens for her to use. How nice to be able to give someone something for doing me a favor!
While at the library, I had my photo                                                                 taken holding one of Amy's books!

NOW, is an important task for all the readers of my blog!!! Who would like to win this novella, soon to be released, by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathy Fuller and Vannetta Chapman???? Amy has generously said that she will provide one to the winner of my contest. All you have to do, is to leave a comment on this post. I will draw the winner on Feb. 1. Two consolation prizes of a pen and luggage tag will be sent to the second and third name drawn.

I must say that this Bakery Bunch is a great way to spread news about a great author!! If you have not yet tried reading one of Amy's books,  go to her website, www.amyclipston.com and find out all about them!! You won't be sorry!!


  1. Congratulations on becoming one of Amy Clipston's "Bakery Bunch!! I, too, replied to her post to become a member of this elite group. But, I was not chosen. (I am jealous of you. lol)
    My wish for you is to have a wonderful time reading!!
    I have this book on my "Wish List"/ "Bucket List" to read. Thank you for a xhance to enter this giveaway.
    Elaine Shorb

  2. That is a great idea Amy had. I wish i seen it. I would have tried to do it.

  3. I would love to win a copy.

  4. Great idea and good way to let others know about a great Author. Would love to win and read this book. Juanita Cook


  5. Hi Bonnie, no I myself. Do not have a newsletter, but I am willing to bet that Amy does. Go to Amyclipston.com to find out.

  6. That's a great ideal getting author out and people can read about I would love to win

  7. She grew into one of my favorite writers. How lucky to be part of her bunch. Jolen@bright.net

  8. So glad you got into the Bakery Bunch. Amy is one of my all time favorite authors. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. Have a Blessed Day. dsimmering68@gmail.com

  9. Really neat gifts, love the purple, too. Perhaps I should have applied to be a BB person, too, since I think Amy is great.

  10. I am a big fan of Amy's and would be thrilled to add this book to my collection. Thank you.

  11. Would love to win, I love Amy's books!

  12. Would love to win a copy! How exciting to be one of the Bakery Bunch gang.

  13. Congratulations on being named to her street team. Sounds like a fun book. Happy for you

  14. From a new Bakery Bunch 2016 Member too, Yay ~ just seeing your post and it is fabulous!! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House


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