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Friday, January 9, 2015

Heartache, Romance, Challenges! A January Wedding Story!

"A Brush With Love"
By Rachel Hauck

Ginger Winters, the main character in the story is an outstandingly talented hairstylist who possesses scars that no one can see, at least if she can help it! She expects nothing from anyone, least of all a chance of love!! A childhood tragedy causes her to feel unworthy and ugly. She suffers daily from the pain and trauma, attempting to overcome it by bringing out the beauty of others. Ginger has travelled the world as a personal stylist for the rich and famous. Her success almost makes her forget that she will NEVER be one of the "beautiful" people.
 Then, a weekend arrives, one in which Ginger needs extreme confidence. She is  the acclaimed "beauty-maker" for a very special Alabama society wedding. Unfortunately for her, these self centred young people know of Ginger's past trials and show no understanding or sympathy. 
To complicate matters, Ginger's high school crush, Tom, has returned to town and has showed up at her shop looking for a haircut. Twelve years previously, he had disappeared on her, and had broken her heart. Can she trust him now?? 
To make the society wedding a more challenging situation, Tom is part of the wedding party. He attempts to wind himself into her life once again and challenges Ginger to see her own beauty! Will Ginger remain chained to the past or will she be able to move into a positive , exciting future???

I must say that I became engrossed in this story from the very first page. The characters are so well described and realistic , that they became my best friends. I felt Ginger's worries and pains. Her challenges and fears became part of me. Tom was also easy with whom to identify. He was sympathetic, kind and gentle, a young man that we all wish we could know. His desire to improve Ginger's image of herself and make her a self confident woman, spoke clearly to us of a good Christian man. 

The plot moved quickly with just the right amount of twists and turns, to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just when the situation appeared hopeless and couldn't get any worse, it did!!! But the resolution of the problems were a true surprise.

I absolutely love this book and was extremely disappointed when it ended!!
A five star book!

This ebook was supplied by Litfuse in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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