Friday, September 25, 2015

A Marvellous Book in the Amish Fiction Genre.... with a twist!!

   "Anna's Healing"
By Vannetta Chapman

Vannetta Chapman is a favorite author of mine! I have loved each and every one of her books, but I MUST say that this one is the VERY best book she has ever written. It appealed to me on every level. Certainly not your typical Amish romance!! 

The story begins with a tornado that hits the  farming community if Cody's Creek, Oklahoma. Anna Shwartz's life is changed forever. She suffers an injury and finds herself in a wheelchair, devastated to realize that she will remain that way the rest of her life. 

Chloe, Jacob and Ruth , together, attempt to help Anna through the darkest hours that she has ever encountered. Chloe, an Englischer is a writer for a local newspaper, Jacob is a newly hired hand at her uncle's farm and Ruth is her beloved grandmother who keeps Anna true to the Amish faith with her compassion and love. 

One morning, Anna experiences the unexplainable! She finds herself able to once again walk. She is healed!! But, what happens now??? Her life is once again turned upside down as her situation becomes known in the Englisch world, as the girl who actually has experienced a miracle!! Everyone wants to know how it happened and why!!

I have loved each and every one of Vannetta Chapman's books, but I do believe that this is the very BEST one that this author has ever created!  If you are tired of the typical story in the Amish genre, of girl meets boy, this book is for you!! It is a VERY different tale, with meaning that stays with you long after you have finished reading the book. The message that God has an amazing plan for our lives comes through loud and clear. Vannetta's heart and soul shine through her writing!

The characters are well described in such  a realistic and creative way that you immediately identify with them. At once, I felt one with Anna. Every pain, worry, challenge that she experienced , became mine. The way in which the Englisch world came together with the Amish, through unusual circumstances was unique, giving us a great example to live by- accept and appreciate those that are different from us. The characters came alive, each playing a very important part of the story.

The plot moved quickly with twists and turns around every corner. This is a novel that the reader can NOT put down. You just think that there is an answer to a problem when another block is put in the way. 

The development of the plot and characters was amazing!! Do you believe in miracles?? Can God come through for us in the darkest hour??  I predict that after reading this book in Vannetta's "Plain and Simple Miracles",  you will no longer just wonder. You will believe!! 

Lovely to see an author let her faith and beliefs in God shine through her writing.

Definitely a five star book!!

This book was provided by Harvest House and the author, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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