Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Great Book in the Sandy Cove Series!

            "Behind Her Smile"
             By Rosemary Hines

I have enjoyed all of the previous books in this series, thus it was no surprise when I LOVED Book 6!  As I started to read, it felt as if I had come home to visit my friends. Saying that, it could be read as a stand alone, however, Rosemary's characters had endeared themselves to me in previous books and I had the great desire to find out what had happened while I was away! 

Not good enough…the words echo in Madison Baron’s mind as the darkness presses her to be thinner, more beautiful—somehow more attractive to her peers. A junior in high school, she is facing life without her childhood love, Luke Johnson, who is off to college in the Midwest. Alone with her insecurities, Madison yearns for acceptance—until Miles that is. Will a relationship with this new student on campus be the answer she seeks? And how will his resistance to her Christian faith affect her future? 

As the two of them grow closer and closer, something happens inside of Madison, and she finds herself more insecure than ever. Gazing into the mirror at her thinning face and trendy makeup, she hopes no one sees the fear behind her smile. 

The sixth book in the Sandy Cove Series, Behind Her Smile, touches hearts of young and old alike with the message of God’s redemption and love, reminding us that our true sufficiency and value come from Him and Him alone. 

Rosemary Hines has written a wonderful coming of age story that perfectly illustrates the beauty of God's grace in the forgiveness of others and the importance of applying that same loving grace toward forgiving ourselves. A true reminder of the power of love! 
~ Susan J. Calloway Knowles, Licensed Psychotherapist, Radio Host, Author 

My Feelings: This author has the ability to touch on sensitive subjects that many of us have encountered in our family lives  with compassion and understanding. The problems of our youth are examined in this tale as are the challenges of the parents of these individuals.

The characters in this book are well developed in a realistic way so that we can easily identify with them. I could feel the pain, sadness, challenges of each and every one.  We are all human and experience difficulties in our everyday lives. Rosemary does an excellent job of presenting the heartache that a parent may experience and how to overcome it. 

The plot moves quickly with just enough twists and turns to keep the reader glued to the page. Each chapter brings you a bit closer to a solution to the problems . THEN, there is a little bump thrown in to add to the interest level.

The theme running throughout this story is one that we all need to heed. God offers us forgiveness and redemption even in our darkest hour. He also gives us the ability to forgive ourselves. This is the promise of God's everlasting love.

A great read!! I highly recommend it!

This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. I just finished "Behind her Smile" and feel blessed for having taken the entire journey beginning with book 1 thru book 6. Rosemary Hines is a truly gifted writer. Every one of her novels are....A must read!