Friday, September 4, 2015

What Could Be Better than a Ranch Romance??

"Counting on a Cowboy"  

     By Debra Clopton


Abby  Knight , the main character, is running from a past that haunts her. For an unknown reason, she is drawn  to a quaint little town, Wishing Springs, Texas. Abby is hoping that this place can offer her the hope and healing that she desperately needs. She may be even brave enough to take a chance and reach out for a new life.

Bo Monahan  is definitely NOT interested in the romantic destination that his town has become, with women looking at him  with eyes eager to make him their Mr. Right. Bo is so busy taking care of his Pops and his unique stirrup business, he certainly does not need the complications of a woman in his life. However, his life undergoes a very sudden change!! A baby has shown up on his doorstep, a son , that he has had no idea he had!!

This bachelor may not think that he needs a wife, but he sure needs the help that one would give. Abby sees the need, fights it, but even with the effort to keep a distance is won over by a sweet babe AND his dad! As much as these two young people attempt to avoid it, a romance is developing. Their pasts, both having a dark side, must be dealt with before even thinking of a brighter future. Can they overcome the complications of life???

My Views:  I must say that I began reading this book thinking it was just another enjoyable romantic comedy. It truly was that, however, it also dealt with the need for individuals to overcome deep emotional issues in their past. Their struggles to do so, are lightened by the presence of humorous happenings. A handsome cowboy caring for a baby was described in a realistic way . I had to hold the giggles in as I read about the changing of diapers and feeding issues.
The  characters are realistically and well described, each a bit quirky. I easily identified with Abby and felt her every hurt, challenges and joys. Very typical everyday situations were described with details that had me laughing but also feeling empathy towards a helpless cowboy.
The plot moves quickly with just enough twists and turns to keep the reader engrossed. I was indeed sorry when the story came to an end.

I would highly recommend this book to all readers. It is a quick read but leaves you thinking of how the past can influence your future.
This book was provided by Litfuse in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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