Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kathy Fuller at her best, yet again!!

Fantastic Amish Fiction for Young Adults- and us oldies, too!!, May 16 2010
By Karla Hanns (Ontario, Canada)

A Summer Secret (Paperback)

Kathy Fuller has done it again!! She has written another wonderful Amish novel, "A Summer Secret" - BUT this time it is the beginning of a series, entitled "The Mysteries Of Middlefield" for young adults. This doesn't mean those of us who are a "few" years beyond that, don't enjoy it too!! The setting is in Amish country, in Middlefield, Ohio, as all of her adult Amish fiction books are, but this time she has "spread her wings"!! This mystery is for a younger audience. The main characters are thirteen year old Mary Beth, an Amish girl and her twin brother,Johnny as well as a "Yankee", Sawyer- a young runaway from the city. It seems as if poor Mary Beth is always enduring the boyish pranks and responsibility of caring for her brothers. She has found a secret peaceful place to get away from it all- in an abandoned barn nearby. Although Mami and Daed have forbidden her to go there- she needs her own space and disobeys. But, then the story becomes exciting- is this really her secret place???? This leads her to a mystery that could put her in grave danger!!! Should she tell her strict Amish parents or not??
The true Amish family life was evident in this story. The young people have normal problems and become involved in situations that are against their Christian values, somewhat. This story is a cliff hanger- what will these kids do to solve the mystery, as well as obey their parents?? The ending was quite different from what I was expecting-
a surprise which was a delight!! I can hardly wait for Book 2 to come out- AND I AM NOT the intended audience- but it is again, Amish fiction at its best!!

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