Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Book Review- Walk Like you Have Somewhere to Go

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go
By Lucille O'Neal (with Allison Samuels)

I am so excited to post my first book review!! What an excellent book to start with!
Lucille describes her life as an ordinary person, with many challenges, that many of us have not faced and then living with an extremely opposite way of life as the mother of the famous basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal. She begins each chapter with a meaningful Bible verse- not only pertaining to the chapter, but one that you can use in your daily life and struggles.
Lucille's life story starts out with her as a frightened, single, teenaged mom and grows into a marvellous, confident woman of faith, with the great ability to help others in their own problem areas. Her understanding goes far beyond normal, as she has "lived the life"!
In her book, Lucille discusses her problem with physical size, place in society, poverty, then the challenge of dealing with a life changing experience. Her book concludes with a list of Bible verses that you can use to encourage yourself- God loves you in spite of your imperfections!! An excellent read!! Very much a self help book, as she states, "from mental welfare to mental health". WOW!!

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